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 “Blessed is the one who reads aloud, and blessed are those who listen.”
– Revelations 1

What is Catholic Audio Bible?
This free resource allows you to listen to the entire Bible in one year. There is a Morning, Midday, and Evening reading (you can listen to all three at once if you’d like). We follow this Scripture Schedule. Follow this blog to receive the daily audio readings by email from Catholic Audio Bible! Click the “Sidebar” Menu and click “Subscribe”.


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Media Haze produces educational resources for Christian students and families.
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My name is Jared Haselbarth, and I am the founder of Media Haze, LLC, where we produce resources for Christian families and students. I have spent the better part of three years making clear, reverent audio recordings of the Bible with the purpose to make it more widely available to those who may not have the desire to read, but might listen. This program allows one to listen to the entire Bible in one year (We follow this Scripture Schedule associated with the Classical Liberal Arts Academy). The work continues with editing and site maintenance and it has obviously taken many hours to produce. I hope you find it helpful and I also hope that more Catholics return to intimate knowledge of the Sacred Scripture. You will also find several other resources on this site, including a Bible Video Program for young learners, my original music, hymn recordings and more. Catholic Audio Bible is free. I appreciate your support of my work and am grateful for generous donations or purchases of any of the available content.
God bless you.  – Jared Haselbarth

Bible Video Program For Children


“Thank you for these Bible Courses!! My daughter is really enjoying the Media Haze Bible Program and the Holy Cards as well! This is by far the best religion program around for the little ones!”
– Denise, Subscriber

What is this program all about?
God’s Word.


The Catholic Church has so many useful resources for the education and catechizing of children. Surprisingly, the most important tool, foundational for all other studies in the faith is often left aside…the Bible.

Dei Verbum, a document of Vatican II, indicated that Catholics reverence the Scriptures, the Word of God, just as we reverence the Eucharist.


However, our reverence for this holy book has faded. There really is no excuse for not knowing the Bible. This program introduces the Biblical content, beginning at a young age.

In this program are videos containing nothing but God’s words. No Scripture gurus, no interpretation, no mediation, no watering down, no goofy cartoon stories…just the Sacred Scriptures. We must allow God’s words to soak into our children’s hearts, not the words of men. They must know the Scriptures intimately, long before they are adults. It is their first step towards Wisdom.


Three courses, one goal.

Bible I contains the stories of the Life of Jesus, based on the 20 mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The narration is directly from the Bible, with peaceful background music and sacred art images which help to tell the story.

Bible II contains the Teachings and Miracles of Jesus – a total of 50 videos. Each teaching is paired with a miracle in a single lesson. There is no better resource for a digestible, lesson based presentation of the Gospel material. Every teaching, every miracle.

Bible III contains all the major stories of the Old Testament – must know stories for children, from Creation to the Maccabees.

Each course provides printable lessons, a full lesson video, a Catholic prayer video set to original music, a Christian hymn video or audio, and an online quiz which automatically sends grades to the teacher/parent. Look at this sample lesson page:

Bible I: The Life of Our Lord – Lesson 03: The Nativity

I hope you find these resources helpful in your efforts to catechize children. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

– Jared Haselbarth
Owner, Media Haze

“Thank you for all you are doing for our children. I cannot say enough about your courses.”
– Amy, Subscriber


Use of these videos and lesson content requires a subscription. Subscription includes unlimited access to all video content (hours of streaming content), all printable lesson pages, and all supplemental course resources.

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“Family Plan” is for families using this program at home (unlimited number of children from a single family). “Class Plan” is for a single school classroom or Religious Education classroom (up to 30 students). “School Plan” is for an entire School or Religious Education Program (unlimited number of students from a single school/program).
Minimum 1 year subscription. Subscription renews automatically unless canceled after the first year.

How does this work?

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  2. Once complete you will receive an email from Media Haze ( confirming your subscription, with a link and password to access all content.
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sacred scripture prayers music and hymns sacred art

“Thank you so much for the Bible Courses – a wonderful resource! We are thrilled to be using such rich resources for teaching our faith to our youngest.”
– Andrea, Subscriber

Bible I: The Life of Our Lord (based on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Sample Lesson:

Bible I: The Life of Our Lord – Lesson 03: The Nativity

Sample Lesson Video:


Lesson 01: The Annunciation
Lesson 02: The Visitation
Lesson 03: Nativity
Lesson 04: Presentation
Lesson 05: Finding of Jesus in the Temple
Lesson 06: The Baptism
Lesson 07: The Wedding at Cana
Lesson 08: The Proclamation of the Kingdom
Lesson 09: The Transfiguration
Lesson 10: The Institution of the Eucharist
Lesson 11: Review
Lesson 12: The Agony in the Garden
Lesson 13: The Scourging at the Pillar
Lesson 14: The Crowning with Thorns
Lesson 15: The Way of the Cross
Lesson 16: The Crucifixion
Lesson 17: The Resurrection
Lesson 18: The Ascension
Lesson 19: The Descent of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 20: The Assumption
Lesson 21: The Coronation
Lesson 22: Final Review



Bible II: The Teachings and Miracles of Our Lord (All Sermon on the Mount Teachings, All Gospel Parables, All Jesus’ Miracles, All Miracles from the Acts of the Apostles)


Sample Lesson:

Bible II: The Teachings and Miracles of Our Lord – Lesson 2. Salt and Light / The Catch of Fish

Sample Lesson Video:


Lesson 1. The Beatitudes / Healing of the Nobleman’s Son
Lesson 2. Salt and Light / The Catch of Fish
Lesson 3. Law/Water Made Wine
Lesson 4. Anger / The Man with an Unclean Demon
Lesson 5. Adultery and Divorce/Healing of the Paralytic
Lesson 6. Oaths / Cure of Peter’s Mother in Law
Lesson 7. Retaliation / Healing a Leper
Lesson 8. Enemies /The Ill Man
Lesson 9. Almsgiving/The Withered Hand
Lesson 10. Prayer /The Centurion’s Servant
Lesson 11. Fasting/The Widow’s Son at Nain
Lesson 12. Treasure in Heaven and Money/The Man Mute and Blind
Lesson 13. Light of the Body /Calming the Storm
Lesson 14. Dependence on God /The Gerasene Demoniacs
Lesson 15. Judging Others/The Daughter of Jairus
Lesson 16. Pearls Before Swine/The Afflicted Woman
Lesson 17. Answers to Prayers/Two Blind Men and Mute Man
Lesson 18. The Golden Rule /Feeding the Five Thousand
Lesson 19. The Narrow Gate/Jesus Walking on Water
Lesson 20. Tree and Its Fruit (False Prophets)/ Canaanite Woman’s Daughter
Lesson 21. The True Disciple /Deaf and Mute Man
Lesson 22. The Two Foundations / Feeding the Four Thousand
Lesson 23. The two Debtors /The Blind Man Near Bethsaida
Lesson 24. The Sower /The Demoniac Boy
Lesson 25. The Seed/The Temple Tax
Lesson 26. The Weeds /The Man Born Blind
Lesson 27. The Mustard Seed and The Yeast /The Mute Demoniac
Lesson 28. The Hidden Treasure and The Costly Pearl /The Crippled Woman
Lesson 29: The Drag-net /The Man Having Dropsy
Lesson 30. The Unforgiving Servant /The Raising of Lazarus
Lesson 31. The Good Samaritan /Dumb Demoniac
Lesson 32. The Rich Fool /The Ten Lepers
Lesson 33. The Barren Fig Tree/The Blind Men Near Jericho
Lesson 34. The Wedding Guest /The Withered Fig Tree
Lesson 35. The Great Feast /Healing the Ear of Malchus
Lesson 36. Counting the Cost /The Catch of Fish
Lesson 37. The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin /Peter Heals a Lame Man
Lesson 38. The Lost Son /Ananias and Saphira
Lesson 39. The Dishonest Steward/Apostles Heal Many
Lesson 40. The Rich Man and Lazarus /Ananias Heals Paul
Lesson 41. The Unprofitable Servant/Peter Heals Aeneas
Lesson 42. The Unjust Judge/Peter Raises Tabitha
Lesson 43. The Pharisee and Tax Collector /Angel Delivers Peter
Lesson 44. The Workers in the Vineyard/Paul Smites Elymas Blind
Lesson 45. The Ten Gold Coins/Paul Heals Cripple
Lesson 46. The Two Sons /Paul Exorcises Girl
Lesson 47. The Tenants/Paul’s Relics Heal
Lesson 48. The Wedding Feast /Paul Heals the Boy Eutychus
Lesson 49. The Ten Virgins/Paul Unharmed By Viper Bite
Lesson 50. The Talents/Paul Heals Publius’ Father and Others

Bible III: The Stories of the Old Testament

Joseph Made Governor of Egypt

Sample Lesson Video:


Lesson 1. Creation of Heaven and Earth and Creation of Man
Lesson 2. The Fall of Man, Cain and Abel
Lesson 3. Noah and the Flood, Covenant with Noah and Sons, The Tower of Babel
Lesson 4. Abram’s Call and God’s Promises, The Angels, The Covenant and the Birth of Isaac, The Testing of Abraham
Lesson 5. Esau and Jacob, Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob’s Sons, Jacob Wrestles the Angel becomes Israel
Lesson 6. Joseph Sold Into Slavery, Joseph Interprets the Dreams of Pharaoh, Becomes Ruler, Joseph and His Brothers
Lesson 7. Judah and Tamar, Joseph Acquires the Wealth of Egypt, Jacob Blesses His Sons, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, Death of Jacob and Joseph
Lesson 8. The Birth of Moses and The Burning Bush
Lesson 9. The Plagues of Egypt, The Passover and the Exodus
Lesson 10. Manna in the Desert, Water From A Rock
Lesson 11. Ten Commandments
Lesson 12. The Golden Calf, The Priestly Blessing (Numbers 6), The Tabernacle
Lesson 13. People Murmur and Have Their Fill of Meat (Numbers 11), The Schism of Korah (Numbers 16)
Lesson 14. Water From the Rock, Moses Sins, Brazen Serpent (Numbers 21)
Lesson 15. Israel Conquers King Og and King Sihon, Balaam and the Ass
Lesson 16. Forbidding of Idols (Deut 4), Great Commandment (Deut 6), The Promise of Christ (Deut 18), Moses’ Death
Lesson 17. The Lord Encourages Joshua, Archangel Michael Commissions Joshua, Rahab and the Spies, Joshua Conquers Jericho, The Sun and the Moon Stand Still
Lesson 18. Deborah and Barak, Gideon and Jephthah, Samson the Judge
Lesson 19. The Life of Ruth
Lesson 20. The Dedication of Samuel, Samuel Anoints Saul King, David plays the Harp, David is Anointed by Samuel
Lesson 21. David and Goliath, David Anointed King, David Unites the Kingdom
Lesson 22. David and Bathsheba, The Lord’s Promises To David, David instructs Solomon
Lesson 23. Solomon Anointed King, Solomon’s Wisdom, Solomon Builds the Temple, The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon, Solomon Falls Into Idolatry
Lesson 24. The Prophecy of Elijah, Deeds of Elijah, Elijah Taken Up To Heaven
Lesson 25. Life of Elisha, King Hezekiah, King Josiah, The Good Kings of Israel
Lesson 26. The Great Prophets of Israel and The Fall of Jerusalem
Lesson 27. Ezra the Scribe, Nehemiah, King Cyrus and the Restoration of Israel
Lesson 28. Judith and Esther
Lesson 29. Tobit and Job
Lesson 30. The Life of Daniel and The Maccabean Revolt


Sample Catholic Prayer Videos:

music and hymns

Sample Christian Hymns


“This program has been an enormous blessing. The children know and understand so much.”
– Amie, Subscriber

36 Great Catholic Children’s Prayers in Song

The best traditional Catholic Prayers put to original music Let-children-Lby Jared Haselbarth. Help children learn their prayers with these engaging modern songs featuring the words of great Catholic prayers. Contains all of the following prayers in song:

Download HERE



  1. Grace Before Meals
  2. Prayer Before Mass 
  3. Act of Contrition
  4. Sign of the Cross
  5. Sign of the Cross (version 2)
  6. Our Father
  7. Hail Mary
  8. Glory Be
  9. Glory Be (version 2)
  10. Hail Holy Queen
  11. Prayer of Tobit
  12. Act of Faith
  13. Prayer of Generosity
  14. Take, O Lord (St. Ignatius Loyola) 
  15. Angel of God, My Guardian Dear
  16. Confiteor 
  17. St. Michael the Archangel
  18. Prayer of Abandonment (Blessed Charles De Foucald)
  19. Act of Hope
  20. Prayer Before Study (St. Thomas Aquinas)
  21. Anima Christi 
  22. Come Holy Spirit
  23. Act of Resignation
  24. Memorare
  25. Act of Charity
  26. Prayer Before Confession
  27. Evening Prayer to Jesus, Mary and Joseph
  28. Prayer Before Examining Your Conscience
  29. For the Faithful Departed
  30. Prayer To Saint Joseph (Baltimore Catechism)
  31. To the Blessed Virgin Mary 
  32. Song To Saint Joseph (Faithful Guardian)
  33. Prayer to the God of All Goodness (St. Francis of Assisi)
  34. Prayer to Obtain Divine Love (St. Francis of Assisi)
  35. Prayer for Perfect Charity (St. Francis of Assisi)
  36. Prayer of Azariah


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