Bible Course II: The Teachings and Miracles of Our Lord


Bible II:

In this course, we will be studying the basic teachings of Jesus as presented in the Sermon on the Mount and his Parables – and also all the miracles of Jesus and the miracles of the Apostles in the Book of Acts.

Course Syllabus
(use of course materials without enrollment is not permitted)

PART I: The Sermon on the Mount

Lesson 1.  The Beatitudes / Healing of the Nobleman’s Son
Lesson 2.  Salt and Light / The Catch of Fish
Lesson 3.  Law/Water Made Wine
Lesson 4.  Anger / The Man with an Unclean Demon
Lesson  5.  Adultery and Divorce/Healing of the Paralytic
Lesson 6.  Oaths / Cure of Peter’s Mother in Law
Lesson 7.  Retaliation / Healing a Leper
Lesson 8.  Enemies /The Ill Man
Lesson 9.  Almsgiving/The Withered Hand
Lesson 10. Prayer /The Centurion’s Servant
Lesson 11. Fasting/The Widow’s Son at Nain
Lesson 12. Treasure in Heaven and Money/The Man Mute and Blind
Lesson 13. Light of the Body /Calming the Storm
Lesson 14. Dependence on God /The Gerasene Demoniacs
Lesson 15. Judging Others/The Daughter of Jairus
Lesson 16. Pearls Before Swine/The Afflicted Woman
Lesson 17. Answers to Prayers/Two Blind Men and Mute Man 
Lesson 18. The Golden Rule /Feeding the Five Thousand
Lesson 19. The Narrow Gate/Jesus Walking on Water
Lesson 20. Tree and Its Fruit (False Prophets)/ Canaanite Woman’s Daughter
Lesson 21. The True Disciple /Deaf and Mute Man
Lesson 22. The Two Foundations / Feeding the Four Thousand

PART II: The Parables

Lesson 23. The two Debtors /The Blind Man Near Bethsaida
Lesson 24. The Sower /The Demoniac Boy
Lesson 25. The Seed/The Temple Tax
Lesson 26. The Weeds /The Man Born Blind
Lesson 27. The Mustard Seed and The Yeast /The Mute Demoniac
Lesson 28. The Hidden Treasure and The Costly Pearl /The Crippled Woman
Lesson 29. The Drag-net /The Man Having Dropsy
Lesson 30. The Unforgiving Servant /The Raising of Lazarus
Lesson 31. The Good Samaritan /Dumb Demoniac
Lesson 32. The Rich Fool /The Ten Lepers
Lesson 33. The Barren Fig Tree/The Blind Men Near Jericho
Lesson 34. The Wedding Guest /The Withered Fig Tree
Lesson 35. The Great Feast /Healing the Ear of Malchus
Lesson 36. Counting the Cost /The Catch of Fish

PART III: More Parables and the Miracles from the Acts of the Apostles

Lesson 37. The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin /Peter Heals a Lame Man
Lesson 38. The Lost Son /Ananias and Saphira
Lesson 39. The Dishonest Steward/Apostles Heal Many
Lesson 40. The Rich Man and Lazarus /Ananias Heals Paul
Lesson 41. The Unprofitable Servant/Peter Heals Aeneas
Lesson 42. The Unjust Judge/Peter Raises Tabitha
Lesson 43. The Pharisee and Tax Collector /Angel Delivers Peter
Lesson 44. The Workers in the Vineyard/Paul Smites Elymas Blind
Lesson 45. The Ten Gold Coins/Paul Heals Cripple
Lesson 46. The Two Sons /Paul Exorcises Girl
Lesson 47. The Tenants/Paul’s Relics Heal
Lesson 48. The Wedding Feast /Paul Heals the Boy Eutychus
Lesson 49.. The Ten Virgins/Paul Unharmed By Viper Bite
Lesson 50. The Talents/Paul Heals Publius’ Father and Others

Teachers can print all lesson reading content from the site.

Course Enrollment

The program is open to all families, schools, and Religious Education programs and is intended for children aged 3-10. To purchase Bible II, email

Course content includes hundreds of hours of streaming videos, all printable lessons, all music and hymns video content, all quizzes, and all Media Haze Bible Typing Program lessons.

Students move at their own pace.

“Thank you for this program!! My daughter is really enjoying Petty School Religion and the Holy Cards as well! This is by far the best religion program around for the little ones!”
– Denise, Parent

“Thank you for all you are doing for our children. I cannot say enough about your courses.
– Amy, Parent

“Thank you so much for the wonderful resource of PS Religion!  We are thrilled to be using such rich resources for teaching our faith to our youngest.”
– Andrea, Parent

 Religion Videos and Study materials are produced by Media Haze, LLC. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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