Media Haze Bible Typing Program

Learn to Type Using the Bible!


$24/year…for up to 5 students!

Learn to type with Latin too:

bible typing stars

Introducing Media Haze Bible Typing Program
The Media Haze Bible Typing Program allows students to practice typing their Media Haze Bible Course lessons. This program will
reinforce biblical content
while allowing students to
improve typing skills.

bible typing2
Why settle for Mavis Beacon or other programs that teach typing using random sentences, phrases or strange stories? Why not use the Bible? Media Haze Bible Typing Program provides typing lessons using only the content of the Holy Bible once the student is in advanced stages.

If your child is a beginner – no problem! Our typing program allows students to start learning typing FROM SCRATCH. Our portal gives students access to 700 new-student lessons from beginner to advanced, which teach all the letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyboard.

Advanced students can get started right away typing BIBLICAL CONTENT – the stories of Christ, the events of his life, his miracles, his teachings, and the great stories of the Bible – now including the text of St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate – your child can practice typing using the Latin text too.


Subscribe to the Media Haze Bible Typing Program for $24/year for up to 5 students, you can pay with PayPal.

Click here to enroll: $24/Year


After you initiate your subscription, follow these steps:

1. Visit the login page. (

2. Create a new user account.
Enter the enrollment key you received after purchasing.
(lost the key? Email

3. Choose a typing “class” on the homescreen of the student’s account.

4. Pick a lesson and begin typing using the Holy Bible.

QUESTIONS? Email us:

Login Now To Media Haze Bible Typing Program
New users will need an enrollment key to enter.

How much more likely is your child to remember the Beatitudes if he/she types them a hundred times?

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