Augustine – On Christian Doctrine (Audio)

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A Treatise on the
Interpretation of Sacred Scripture

by St. Augustine

Book I

Chapter 1. The Interpretation of Scripture Depends on the Discovery and Enunciation of the Meaning, and is to Be Undertaken in Dependence on God’s Aid.

Chapter 2. What a Thing Is, and What A Sign.

Chapter 3. Some Things are for Use, Some for Enjoyment.

Chapter 4. Difference of Use and Enjoyment.

Chapter 5. The Trinity the True Object of Enjoyment.

Chapter 6. In What Sense God is Ineffable.

Chapter 7. What All Men Understand by the Term God.

Chapter 8. God to Be Esteemed Above All Else, Because He is Unchangeable Wisdom.

Chapter 9. All Acknowledge the Superiority of Unchangeable Wisdom to that Which is Variable.

Chapter 10. To See God, the Soul Must Be Purified.

Chapter 11. Wisdom Becoming Incarnate, a Pattern to Us of Purification.

Chapter 12. In What Sense the Wisdom of God Came to Us.

Chapter 13. The Word Was Made Flesh.

Chapter 14. How the Wisdom of God Healed Man.

Chapter 15. Faith is Buttressed by the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, and is Stimulated by His Coming to Judgment.

Chapter 16. Christ Purges His Church by Medicinal Afflictions.

Chapter 17. Christ, by Forgiving Our Sins, Opened the Way to Our Home.

Chapter 18. The Keys Given to the Church.

Chapter 19. Bodily and Spiritual Death and Resurrection.

Chapter 20. The Resurrection to Damnation.

Chapter 21. Neither Body Nor Soul Extinguished at Death.

Chapter 22. God Alone to Be Enjoyed.

Chapter 23. Man Needs No Injunction to Love Himself and His Own Body.

Chapter 24. No Man Hates His Own Flesh, Not Even Those Who Abuse It.

Chapter 25. A Man May Love Something More Than His Body, But Does Not Therefore Hate His Body.

Chapter 26. The Command to Love God and Our Neighbor Includes a Command to Love Ourselves.

Chapter 27. The Order of Love.

Chapter 28. How We are to Decide Whom to Aid.

Chapter 29. We are to Desire and Endeavor that All Men May Love God.

Chapter 30. Whether Angels are to Be Reckoned Our Neighbors.

Chapter 31. God Uses Rather Than Enjoys Us.

Chapter 32. In What Way God Uses Man.

Chapter 33. In What Way Man Should Be Enjoyed.

Chapter 34. Christ the First Way to God.

Chapter 35. The Fulfillment and End of Scripture is the Love of God and Our Neighbor.

Chapter 36. That Interpretation of Scripture Which Builds Us Up in Love is Not Perniciously Deceptive Nor Mendacious, Even Though It Be Faulty. The Interpreter, However, Should Be Corrected.

Chapter 37. Dangers of Mistaken Interpretation.

Chapter 38. Love Never Fails.

Chapter 39. He Who is Mature in Faith, Hope and Love, Needs Scripture No Longer.

Chapter 40. What Manner of Reader Scripture Demands.

Book II

Chapter 1. Signs, Their Nature and Variety.

Chapter 2. Of the Kind of Signs We are Now Concerned with.

Chapter 3. Among Signs, Words Hold the Chief Place.

Chapter 4.— Origin of Writing.

Chapter 5.— Scripture Translated into Various Languages.

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