St. Michael the Archangel eBook

St. Michael the Archangel eBook for Children ($10 Purchase Here)

One of the greatest devotions for young children to develop is to St. Michael the Archangel. It is part of Christian teaching that the angels are not only helps and aids in our spiritual and sometimes physical daily lives, but that at the head of God’s michael sample imageholy army stands the Archangel Michael, who throughout history has been doing God’s bidding and helping believers. Devotion to St. Michael starts with learning his prayer, which is taught in this story book, but this devotion is cultivated by learning the deeds of St. Michael from our tradition, expounding his efforts to help God’s people throughout history. These biblical and non-biblical stories of the glorious deeds of St. Michael aid children in their sense of being protected, guided by, and helped through God’s providence and the holy angels. Not only this, but, as St. Michael is a warrior, children learn the necessity of fighting the spiritual battle, with the swords of humility, obedience, and loyalty to God. This storybook contains 7 great short-stories of St. Michael, and uses various art and imagery to reinforce content. An 8th chapter teaches the Prayer to St. Michael. 75 pages (slides) long. Stories are written by Jared Haselbarth, sometimes adapted from Biblical and non-Biblical accounts, or reproduced from ancient sources. The stories include:apparation sample image

  1. St. Michael is Chosen
  2. St. Michael Protects the Body of Moses From the Devil
  3. St. Michael Appears to Joshua Upon the Siege of Jericho
  4. St. Michael Helps the Angel Gabriel
  5. The Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel
  6. St. Michael Defends the Jerusalem Temple Against Heliodorus
  7. St. Michael and the Twelve Legions Stand Ready by Christ’s Cross
  8. The Prayer To St. Michael the Archangel (with link to video)

Purchase Herecrucifixscreenshot st michael book. After purchase, the eBook can be viewed online via a Password protected page of The eBook can also be downloaded and printed if desired.

Example of Reading the eBook:

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